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Psychotherapy is a place where you can safely explore your feelings, hopes and fears. You may want to focus on a particular problem; or you may want to focus on past experiences or patterns of behaviour that are causing you discomfort or negatively impacting your current relationships. Talking through your concerns with an experienced professional can be helpful. My approach as an Integrative Arts Psychotherapist is to integrate the use of creative media, such as painting, clay, drawing, music and sandtray so that therapy is a combination of art and talking therapy.

Integrative Arts Psychotherapy is not about creating art work but about exploring self and raising awareness of self through creativity. Art allows images to be created that hold complex, multiple meanings that may otherwise be hard to express in words. Through the use of the arts a chance is provided to observe what you have created, to engage with it as means of bringing into awareness it’s many layers of meaning.


As a client, no training in the arts is necessary, just a willingness to explore yourself, with the aid of the therapist, in a creative way.


Working with the arts is not only a way to explore difficulties but helps provide insights and discover new ways of being and living a more fulfilling life.


Are you looking for something different to the normal talking approach?
Do you want to access your creative self?
Do your life experiences still impact you today?
Do you find that similar difficulties arise in your relationships that cause you distress?
Would you like support with changing these or understanding yourself better?


Why not try integrative arts psychotherapy? No training in the arts is necessary as long as you are open to discovering more about yourself.


Please contact me if you are interested in booking an appointment.



All images on this site are examples of images that may be produced in therapy. These images are not taken from clients' work.